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How we teach Mathematics ?
Our teaching method includes the Five W's and one H .They include Who, What, When , Where, Why and How. 

Before start of a lesson / Chapter we will give a detailed explanation based on the following questionable aspects.
  • Who is it about?

  • What happened?

  • When did it take place?

  • Where did it take place?

  • Why did it happen?

All the Intro Classes and Single Revision classes will be taught through a pre- recorded video so that the representation of all the concepts will be most probably animated which makes student understand the concepts clearly.

All other classes will be Live - Student to Teacher interaction through voice / Video / chat which engages student to clear his/her doubts within 24 hours.

We also provide multiple ways of Unlimited doubt solving in which student can chat and ask a doubt. Take a photo and ask a doubt.
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