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Edfox Technologies Private Limited

Edfox Technologies Private Limited is an emerging software solutions company that aims to empower the educational system with technology-driven services and practical learning. We are a start-up company offering practical learning and online school ERP software for the aid and upliftment of all stakeholders in the education system.

The process of setting up an educational institute with an aim to provide practical knowledge to the capable young brains of the 21st century is the hour of need. With Edfox Technology Pvt Ltd as our parent company, we have simplified and streamlined the entire process to facilitate quality education to students. We have also taken proactive steps to redress all the issues related to practical learning and simplified management work. The task can be daunting and overwhelming for some and which is why Edfox Technology is here to help you. The central theme of this company has its foundation to bring a revolution in the current educational system and to make the management work simple by providing ERP{Enterprise Resource Planning} software that wipes out the burden of workload and helps it function smoothly. However, if you are unsure and can’t figure out which educational model is suitable for you, you should get in touch with Edfox Technology Pvt Ltd.

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